Granado Apartment (Albaida) Granada

Location: Complejo Albaida: Cuesta del Chapíz, 54. Tfno +34 958 22 24 28
lat: 37.182066 long: -3:589184

How to arrive

Environment: The Cuesta del Chapiz is one of the main arteries of the thousand-year-old quarter of the Albayzín. Ten minutes away from Plaza Nueva, and five from the very famous Mirador de San Nicolás (a obligatory visit on the place), these apartments are excellently located for people who want to get to know well this universal neighbourhood...
It's possible to visit other places of interest that are also very near: the Salvador church, Aliatar square, Larga square and Panaderos street (where you can find "tapas" bars), and an endless list of places. We recommend to visit our Arab Bath, nearby Plaza Nueva. If you reserve at our reception, we give a discount of 10%.
Tourist buses depart every 10 minutes for the Alhambra, Plaza Nueva and the historical city centre.
Here, our customers have pool, gardens, high-speed Internet access, and continuous reception service.

Recommended for... People looking for comfort, fresh air, an approachable staff, and very careful typical decoration. It's very near the Sacromonte.

Capacity: 2 persons:
  • 1 bedroom for 2 people, with two beds.
  • Living room-kitchen, bathroom, entrance with balcony.
  • Air-conditioning and heating, kitchen equipment, clean towels and sheets every 3 days.
  • If the door is closed, ring the bell; the door will be opened to you.
  • If you have any problem, please call on +34 958 22 24 28.
  • The access to the district is limited several hours a day. When you arrive, you will be already authorized as follows:
    • Some days before, you will provide us with the registration number of the car you are coming with. We will inform the access control that the car belongs to our customers, so you can be identified. We will also provide you a with a numerical card code, that you must give to the control in order for it to allow you the entrance.
    • When you are asked by the access control where you are heading to, you will have to answer "ALOJAMIENTOS AL ANDALUS, IN THE CUESTA DEL CHAPIZ No. 54".
    • Important notice: All private vehicles are access banned from 10.00 am to 22.00 h. in the street Reyes Católicos and Avenida Gran Via.

Apartment Granado Granada