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Flamenco - Granada

Zambra Granaina

The Spectacular cave district of Granada known as Barrio Sacramonte was recognised and revered by noted personalities who were moved by the way the emotional expression of the gypsies there culminated in their art. In the caves of Sacramonte a style of flamenco arose known as Zambra, which was a 'jondo' or profound style of gypsy feeling. This style still persists. It dates back to the 16th century and was sung at the weddings of the Moors occupying the city at that time.

It was festive, containing dance, song, 'palmas' (rhythmical hand clapping) and 'jaleo' (shouts of encouragement - such as Ole) and was initiated by the families of the couples who had just been married. This style, the Zambra, gave two alternative names to the famous Cuevas Sacramontinas (Caves of Sacramonte). These were - 'Zambras Sacramontinas' and 'Zambras del Sacramonte'.

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