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Flamenco - Granada

The Caves of Sacramonte

In the first half of the 20th century some caves such as “la Cueva Maria Castenara”, as mentioned came to be amongst to most famous of the “Zambras” caves.

The shows in the caves have always had to fight against competition of venues and theatres around the world that are enticing large number local talents away from performing in the area. Shows with great flamenco artists can undoubtedly be seen all over the world, but they will never have the authenticity, the local feel and the magic of the caves of Sacramonte. For this amongst other reasons the caves are still a big attraction for travellers coming to Granada to savour the music and the atmosphere of the place, incomparable to anywhere else in the world.

If you would like to see great flamenco inspired by the magic of the Barrio Sacramonte make sure you come here for an evening of the most profound flamenco, that which is closest to the people and the only flamenco evolved from the unique diverse cultural background of Granada.

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