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Flamenco - Granada

Styles (Palos)

Flamenco is nothing more than an expression of the body, something which one is born with and which develops into the passion of the song, the dance and the gypsy 'jaleo'. At the end of the day that is what flamenco is – an enigma, a magic coming from within. There are other styles or 'palos' of flamenco found in Granada besides the Zambra.

Taking the most profound or 'jondo' styles, we have the 'Fandangos', the 'Solea de Grana', the 'Granaina' and the 'Media Granaina'. More appropriate for dance and with a similar rhythm to the rumba (such as made famous worldwide by the band the Gypsy Kings) although slower there is a variation called 'Tango de Grana'. Its simpler, more defined rhythmic pattern is easier to follow for lovers of the rumba.

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