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Flamenco - Granada

Where can I see flamenco?

There are many places where you can see flamenco in Granada. Every corner of Granada is full of flamenco but to submerge oneself into a really great flamenco experience you have to visit Sacramonte where the dance and song of the Zambra reign supreme.

There are many different caves in Barrio Sacramonte. All are filled with the rich aromas of plants of the area - the aloe vera, cactus and 'chumbera' (_Sorry I don’t know what chumberas is - also Aloe vera is a type of cactus I think? Did you mean the aloe vera cactus or aloe vera and cactus?)_ The Oldest cave and the one with the greatest reputation is known as the cave of Marie 'La Canastera'. Apart from offering flamenco shows it also doubles as a museum every morning. The name comes from a legendary singer who was blessed with the particular Grananian gypsy spirit of flamenco. This cave holds shows every night not only of contemporary flamenco, but also of the oldest styles - there are theatrical representations of gypsy weddings such as la Arborea, La cachucha and and La Mosca.

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