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Pool in Albaida apartaments

  • Dim.: 460 cm.
  • Height: 120 cm.
  • Capacity: 18.270 L.
  • Outer sand filter of 5,5 m3/h.
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Rules governing the use of the swimming pool and the pool area
Access to and use of the swimming pool and the pool area must conform to the following rules and procedures:
  • Opening hours for the swimming pool and the pool area are exclusively from 10:00 to 20:00 . Other hours will only apply under explicit indication of reception staff from the Apartments Albaida .
  • Admission is free of charge and exclusively restricted to persons hosted at the Apartments Albaida
  • Children below the age of 11 must be accompanied by an adult.
  • Shower is mandatory before entering the swimming pool.
  • Water is a precious resource. Please don't waste it. Make sure you have turned off the after your shower.
  • No street footwear is allowed into the pool area. Shaving or peeling in the shower is also prohibited.
  • Access and exit to the swimming pool must be exclusively done by the steeps.
  • Dangerous games and practices such as running, throwing objects, entering violently into the pool and, in general, any other acts that may cause any danger or disturbance to the relax of other pool users and/or neighbors.
  • Use of fins, inflatable boards, crystal masks, metal devices or any other objects that can damage the pool or disturb other pool users is prohibited.
  • The use of audio equipments or radios is permitted only with individual headphones.
  • Food and smoking is not allowed into the pool area.
  • Animals are prohibited in the pool area.
  • Users must contribute keeping the pool area clean and tidy. Before leaving, users must take back everything (clothes, papers, etc.) they have brought into the pool area.
  • To avoid drowning, users should check the depth of the swimming pool before using it to prevent any accident.
  • Instructions and indications given by the staff of the Apartments Albaida should be strictly observed.
  • Spitting, urinating or any other non-hygienic practices are prohibited in the swimming pool.
  • Persons suffering of any infectious-contagious disease, particularly, of skin-related infections, are not allowed to use the swimming pool.
  • The staff of Apartments Albaida is authorized to cancel access and use of the swimming pool and the pool area at any moment without previous notice.
If these premises are misused:
  • In case of any action inconsistent with the aforementioned rules, the offender will be subjected to administrative sanction, as well as to civil, penal or any other type of disciplinary procedures resulting from his/her action.
  • The assessment of the sanction will be determined accordingly to the gravity of the infraction, the recurrence, and/or the injuries caused to other pool users or to the facilities.
  • Infractions can result in expulsion from the pool area.
  • Apart from the assigned sanction, if the incurred infraction brings about any physical injury, breaking or deterioration of the pool facilities, the offender must pay the bill for the repairing or replacing of any material damaged.
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